Gig Review: Maddie and Tae 

Maddie and Tae are up there as one of my favourite artists to see live. I’ve seen them three times now and they never disappoint. I was at their Manchester gig at the O2 Ritz, and while at first I thought that it was a shame that the venue was smaller than last year at the O2 Academy, it became quickly obvious that it made no difference to the energy in the room. They walked on stage to Brothers Osborne ‘It Ain’t My Fault’ playing while the whole crowd sang along, and opened with the upbeat ‘Your Side of Town’.

I’ve been waiting for new Maddie and Tae music to be released since that performance of ‘Water In His Wine Glass’ in Manchester last October. From this perspective, their set couldn’t have been better with an even split of old and new songs which a few covers thrown in. I’m a huge fan of Right Here, Right Now and the harmonies on ‘No Place Like You’ and the empowering sentiments behind ‘Girl in a Country Song’ and ‘Sierra’ never get old. It’s for exactly those reasons, the harmonies and storytelling, that I need new Maddie and Tae music in my life ASAP.

The duo teased new music in tweets before the gig and for good reason. Their first performance of new song ‘Growing’ had the crowd completely silent, hanging on every lyric and chord until breaking out into applause and cheers at the end. See below for a snippet of ‘Growing’. Love it! So excited for it’s release.

One of the reasons I love Maddie and Tae so much, and country music for that matter, is the way stories are told through the songs. The fact that I can always see myself in Maddie and Tae songs proves their talent for songwriting. The majority of the audience  at the Manchester gig were young women like me – not particularly common at the many UK country gigs I’ve been to, making their songwriting all the more significant.

My favourite of their new songs has to be ‘Just Fine’, a song I really wish I had written,  about feeling as though everyone is putting pressure on you and a reassurance that you don’t need to have your life all figured out. Their encore featured new song ‘Somebody Will’ a slower song which really highlights the way in which their voices go together so perfectly. So far there hasn’t been one new track I haven’t loved which bodes well for the album! Speaking of the album, the vocal duo announced that new music would be coming out early next year following their change from Dot Records to UMG Nashville.

Maddie and Tae’s covers are always a highlight of their shows. For me last year, their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Landslide’ was standout, and while I’m always down for some Brooks and Dunn (an amazing rendition of ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Bout You’), it was their cover of Niall Horan’s ‘Slow Hands’ that was particularly impressive this time around and I think the crowd agreed. The show ended with ‘Shut Up and Fish’ and a promise to return, which went down a treat with the completely devoted audience.

The two always state the UK as their favourite place to tour and it’s clear to see why, the crowd loves them as much as I do and would be more than happy to see them keep coming back! An amazing performance by Maddie and Tae that’s left me impatiently waiting on the new album and the next time they return.

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