C2C 2019 Wishlist

If the previous years are anything to go by, we are still months away from any big C2C announcements but we can speculate and dream. So, here’s my Top 10 Wishlist.

1. Chris Stapleton

Following his stellar performance in 2016, and two amazing albums, UK fans have been waiting for Chris Stapleton’s return. What better than perhaps a headlining set at Country to Country 2019?

2. Maddie and Tae

Another act who have played the festival before, but Maddie and Tae are so loyal to their UK fans and with the announcement of new music it seems fitting that they should have a slot on the main stage at C2C 2019, perhaps bigger than when they played in 2016.

3. Garth Brooks

Surely Garth Brooks is on everyone’s wishlist, every year.

4. Brett Eldredge

I discovered Brett Eldredge the month after he toured the UK in February 2016 and he hasn’t been back since. It surprises me that he hasn’t already played C2C, but we can hope for 2019!

5. Luke Bryan

Most previous headliners of C2C have returned to play again, so each year I hold out hope for Luke Bryan, particularly for 2019, following last years release of album What Makes You Country.

6. Carly Pearce

Carly Pearce’s debut album Every Little Thing was one of the best country albums of 2017, in my opinion. I would love to see her kill it on the main stage at C2C.

7. The Shires

Over the years The Shires have appeared on the main stage in the form of presenters, but it’s about time our homegrown talent got some arena time for their music.

8. Carrie Underwood

Yeah, she’s headlined the festival twice before and we should want different acts, but I honestly would have her play every year.

9. Jake Owen

Another artist I’m surprised hasn’t made an appearance at C2C yet. Jake Owen has a backlog of hits as well as new music on the way and I think he’d fit perfectly at C2C.

10. Willie Nelson

Every year I hope for Willie Nelson. My dream line up would feature Nelson in a spot similar that held by Emmy Lou Harris, Marty Stuart or Dwight Yoakam in previous years. At least we got his son, the incredible Lukas Nelson, at C2C 2018.

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