UK Artist Lauren Housley Releases New Single

Rotherham’s own, Lauren Housley’s new single, ‘The Sleeping Heart’ is out now! I love Fridays for new country music, and even better, new UK country music. I really, really like this one. I don’t think there is anything else on the UK country music scene currently, that’s quite like this new single by Housley.

Added to all playlists – check.


Without wanting to sound cliché, there’s something authentically country about Housley’s sound, in that it doesn’t sound forced or stylised like some singles. From the second the song begins, to the vocals, this song fits perfectly among the current country landscape, it feels familiar. This may be due to her previous experience in the music industry, or the way in which Housley discovered herself as a songwriter:

“It came over me one day like an uncontrollable urge. I had ideas about the world and personal situations that I needed to get out of my body and mind. Like a flick of a switch I was writing songs, without even realising that’s what they were.”

Lauren Housley3


Lauren Housley has been on the scene for a couple of years, having already released two albums and receiving praise from The Telegraph and UK country royalty, Bob Harris. Q Magazine described her best:

“An Americana-tinged singer-songwriter with a Bonnie Raitt-style twang. A winning way with a yearning lyric. Housley is her own woman… she’s as convincing as they come.”

Her new single comes as a result of a trip to Nashville where Housley found herself inspired by a near stereotypical country scenario, talking broken hearts in a bar.

‘My Sleeping Heart’ gives a taste of her upcoming EP, which should be released this Autumn and was created with fellow Rotherham musical director Thomas Dibb. ‘My Sleeping Heart’ is out now. GO LISTEN.



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