Album Review: From A Room: Vol 1

Like the rest of the world, I fell in love with Chris Stapleton’s voice the first time I heard it. Willing to listen to anything new that’s classified as ‘country’, I listened to Traveler as soon as it was released, not knowing what to expect. We all know how that one turned out, so here I am to praise From A Room: Volume 1 to the highest degree.

The album pairs country and blues perfectly, as he tells a variety of stories through the harmonicas and instruments making up the country twang.  Search Stapleton’s name on Twitter and there is nothing but love for the album, the voice and the man himself. Despite his extraordinary talent, he remains humble, particularly when performing live – when we are most in awe. Also needing a shoutout is Stapleton’s wife, Morgane who in her own right is a brilliant singer/songwriter. She can be seen standing right there next to him on stage, singing those perfect harmonies.

Straight off the bat I’d have said my personal favourites from the album were ‘Broken Halos’ and ‘I Was Wrong’  because of the complete exposure of his soulful, gravelly voice which truly is just made for music. However, going deeper into the album, after listening in the car, on the bus, on a run, feeling all ranges of emotion, ‘Without Your Love’ really stands out as perfection of the country blues.

Stapleton covers Willie Nelson’s ‘Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning’ which he previously described as “an instruction manual on how to write a country song”. I have to say I think ‘Up to No Good Livin” is also a perfect ode to that. In all tracks on From A Room: Vol 1, Stapleton has smashed it out the park with songwriting. I’m already excited about Vol 2.

From A Room: Vol 1 is out now.

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